Why Let's Doodle?

Doodling feels so good because you are creating something without thinking and without expectations, with no doubts, fear or control.
Just a pure flow of energy that runs through you in that moment.

And that’s how we should live our lives.
So, Let’s doodle.... Because that’s when the magic happens.

Why Let's Doodle?
For me it's funny because I noticed that lots of people have their own ideas about what Doodle means, thinking that we made up this word, not even knowing what its real meaning is. Even so, they often totally get it, or they find an interpretation that's somehow connected with our original idea of Let's Doodle.
Doodling/sketching - is spontaneous, uncontrolled, freestyle drawing, usually when our mind is somewhere else, without feeling the pressure to create something incredible. We often get some of our best ideas while doodling, just because we let our energy flow.
And that's the way that we should live our lives. Let it go. Do what makes you feel good. And feel good as much as you can. The rest will come with it. You just have to trust life and stop resisting it in all possible ways. If you feel good, you're on the right path; if you feel bad, that's a sign that you you're doing or thinking about something that is not taking you where you want to go. To me, a lot of the time helps just saying 'fuck it' to the thing I'm most worried about.

Yes, my last name is Dodlek :D
In high school, some friends started to call me Doodle because of my last name and that's where I originally picked up the word Doodle for my brand. I simply loved it, because it describes so well who I am and the way I am living my life in one single word.