Bla Bla Black Friday

As you already know we don't support the idea of Black Friday - The time of a slippery floor, when a consuming bullet hits your emotions. That week when even Facebook Ads start crashing down - displaying blank ads in your feed.

Sales optimization managers are saying this day is a win situation for retailers, who run it further, saying it's a win situation for their customers... and we get so-called "win-win" situation with 0% transparency background, promising to hide a loser.
I'd rather say it's a day of pushy attitude to balance business and personal disorders. Very unnatural, that's why all the chaos.

1. Retailers must get rid of products on stock. Bad business management. Balanced.

2. A product or service is low-quality. When it shows up in sales, a customer forgets about the aspect of low-quality. Bad production management. Balanced.

3. Buying on sales gives pleasure feelings instantly. Emotions gets fulfilled. Bad personal pleasure management. Balanced.

These are some examples of Black Friday "win-win" situations, but each example has also its own loser. Imagine a sales campaign: "Because of bad production management the print on this T-shirt will tear apart after first wash. We give you 60% off!" ...Would you ever buy it??

We can say a good marketing can balance producing management disorders, but usually right here things get dirty. Mass production makes things so cheap, that even dishonest and unethical stuff can survive with pushy marketing attached, meaning if your marketing crew knows how to play with customer emotions, you can sell low-quality products and your stock doesn't need to be well connected with sales forecast, because Black Friday will wipe them all anyway.

Why nowadays marketing is more important than production management? There are too many things manufactured every second on this planet and each need a position on market.

From this quantity point of view, it can be very frustrated producing clothes today, but we are far distanced from this wicked game.

Let's is more, more is let's. Doodle.

Nejc Stupan