When dreams come true

One little part of our dreams came true when we opened our first Let's Doodle store last summer here in Peniche, Portugal. It was kinda strange, but at the same time really exciting that we opened the physical store even before we had our online shop. These days it's simple to start your online business, but I've always loved the real interaction with people who enjoy our ideas and creations. Maybe that's also the reason why I delayed creating this website for so long. Before I moved to Portugal I had a small showroom place in the apartment where I lived with my friends in Ljubljana, so I often invited people, who had an interest in our clothing, to my home. I've met some great people and made lots of new friends that way.

We moved to Portugal exactly one year before we opened our store. Not having a single idea about where we were gonna live, where we were gonna work, how we were gonna get the fabric, not knowing any sewing ladies around this area, no money. NADA! I guess I wasn't thinking much about it before I left my home country of Slovenia. :D So we spent the first two months living in the campsite, already super nervous because we couldn't do shit.

When the season ended we were finally able to find our new home. It was one of the cutest houses I ever saw. After that, focusing every day on what we wanted brought us to one of best fabric producers in Portugal, we found a great sewing lady, an awesome house for our workshop... I could go on and on. I'm not saying that it was easy, there were some really difficult times, but nothing is impossible. If you want something, go for it. Nothing can stop you. Taking any action is better than just thinking or complaining about something.

People started buying our Let's Doodle hoodies even before we officially opened the store. It has been a huge success for us in many ways, not just financial. It is such a pleasure to see and feel the excitement of people from all over the world while they explore our colorful little doodled-up corner. This has given me loads of energy and motivation to keep on creating and improving our products and ideas.